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Foreign debt per capita is 25 thousand taka

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Foreign debt per capita
At present, the per capita foreign debt of the citizens of Bangladesh is 24,890 taka. The information was given by Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal in response to a question from Chattogram-4 MP Didarul Alam in Parliament on Wednesday.

He said the current foreign debt balance is 4,945 crore 80 lakh US dollars. According to the Bureau of Statistics, the total population of the country is 16 crore 93 lakhs. As a result, the per capita foreign debt is 292.11 US dollars.

At 85.21 taka per dollar, the amount in Bangladeshi taka is 24,890 taka 69 paisa. In 2019, the amount was about 17 thousand taka.

The government concludes loan agreements with development partners every year to implement various projects. The money has to be repaid in installments at the prescribed time along with interest.

As the development activities in the country have increased, so has the foreign debt. In a decade, the per capita debt has increased almost six times.

Out of the budget of Tk. 6 lakh crore for the current financial year, the government has set a target of borrowing Tk. 1 lakh 1,228 crores from abroad. At the end of the financial year, the per capita debt status will increase further.

However, economists do not see any reason to worry about this amount of debt. According to them, the amount of foreign debt in Bangladesh is still about 15 percent of GDP. If it is more than 40 percent then it can be called risky.

Replying to a question from MP Didarul Alam, the finance minister told that the loan agreements with various development partners and organizations till June 30 this year amounted to 95,908.34 million US dollars.

Of this, 59,458 million US dollars have been discounted. The Awaiting discount is 46,450.34 million US dollars.

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