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Nation observing Genocide Day

Staff Correspondent
Genocide Day
Today is March 25, Friday, the Genocide Day. It was a terrible night indeed. On this night in 1971, the terrible night came down in the life of the Bengali nation. At midnight, the barbaric Pakistani aggressors wanted to silence the voice of the Bengali nation forever, according to the blueprint of their pre-planned Operation Search Light. Unarmed people all over the country, including the capital Dhaka, were attacked with full-fledged sophisticated weapons.

The Pakistani aggressors started the genocide on March 25, 1971, in an attempt to eradicate the aspirations of Bengali independence. Then independence came through nine months of armed struggle. March 25 is celebrated as Genocide Day in Bangladesh.

A symbolic "blackout" program will be held across the country from 9 am to 9:01 am on Friday, the day of the genocide, according to an official statement. At this time no lighting can be done in all government, semi-government, autonomous, and private buildings and installations.

However, lighting will be available from the evening of March 26. Emergency installations will be free from blackouts.

Operation Search Light is an armed operation carried out by the Pakistani military to wipe out the Bengali nation on the night of March 25, 1971.

The instructions for the operation were prepared by two Pakistani military officers, Major General Khadim Hossain Raja and Major General Rao Farman Ali.
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