Printed on Thu Sep 29 2022 8:29:54 PM

Angela Merkel's defeat in German election

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German election
The Social Democratic Party (SPD) has won the preliminary results of the German federal election. Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has lost.

According to a BBC report on Monday, the SPD got 25.7 percent of the vote. Merkel's ruling party got 24.1 percent of the vote. In addition, the Green Party is in third place with 14.8 percent of the vote.

According to the rules, since no one got a majority, an alliance has to be formed to stand the government.

SDP leader Olaf Schulz had earlier said his party would definitely take over the responsibility of the country as the results of the elections were ahead.

Angela Merkel has been leading German politics since 16 years.
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