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New world record in girls' 400m hurdles

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girls' 400m hurdles
A new world record has been set in the track and field of the US Olympic Trials. Sydney McLaughlin has set a new record in the women's 400m hurdles.

McLaughlin, 21, finished the race in 51.90 seconds on Sunday; Broke the record of Olympic and world champion Dalilah Muhammad. Dalilah set the previous record at the 2019 World Championships with a time of 52.16 seconds.

Dalilah, 31, finished second in the trial with a time of 52.42 seconds.

The two will run side by side at the Olympics in Tokyo next month, with the goal of bringing a golden smile to the country.

Dalilah said, "There is no quarrel between us. Two great athletes only encourage each other to do better."

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