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Bangladesh's improvement in global democracy index

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According to a review by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), despite the deteriorating democratic situation in the world in 2021, Bangladesh has improved compared to the previous year. Despite the decline in the democracy index of most of the countries in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bangladesh is one step ahead compared to last year.

The EIU released the index on Wednesday, judging the democratic situation in 165 countries and two regions around the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index-2021 has contributed to the improvement of Bangladesh's civil liberties progress index compared to the previous year.

The Intelligence Unit's indicators are based on five criteria: electoral process and multi-party system, government activities, political culture, and civil rights. The index is based on a score of 10, assessing the state of democracy in 165 countries and two regions of the world.

Considering these criteria, full democracy, flawed democracy, mixed democracy, and dictatorship. These four categories of indicators have been created. If the average score of a country is more than 8 then full democracy, if it is 6 to 8 then it is a faulty democracy, if it is 4 to 6 then it is a mixed democracy and if it is less than 4 then dictatorship is going on in that country; Says the Economist.

With a score of 5.99 in the 2021 index, Bangladesh is ranked 75th in the list of mixed democracies this year.

Last year, the index was ranked 76th with the same score. In the previous year, i.e. in 2019, Bangladesh was ranked 80th with a score of 5.99. In the same index, Bangladesh's score in 88th place in 2018 was 5.57 score.

Norway is at the top of this index with a score of 9.75 as last year. New Zealand is in second place with a score of 9.37. Finland is in third place with a score of 9.27.

It is followed by Sweden (fourth) with a score of 9.26, Iceland in fifth place (score 9.18), Denmark in sixth place (score 9.09), Ireland in seventh place (score 9.007), and Taiwan in seventh place (score 8.99), Australia and Switzerland are joint ninth (score 8.90) and the Netherlands is tenth with a score of 8.88.

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