Printed on Sun Aug 07 2022 7:13:18 PM

Google doodle celebrating Independence Day of Bangladesh

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Google doodle
Google has made a special doodle commemorating the independence of Bangladesh on the great Independence and National Day.

Bangladesh's Independence Day is being honored with a special doodle on Google's home page. Google authorities are greeting the Bengali nation.

Doodles are Google's design of a logo that matches the design of a particular day, rather than their own logo on the search box for a particular day or person.

Google has been publishing special doodles on Bangladesh Independence Day for several years now. Google authorities first displayed Independence Day doodles in 2013.

This special doodle is being displayed on the Google homepage from 12 midnight on Saturday 26th March. The doodle has the national flag of Bangladesh. Doodle animation shows the national flag flying.

The blue and white sky is in the background of the flying national flag of Bangladesh. Putting the cursor on the doodle shows 'Bangladesh Independence Day 2022'.

If you click on the doodle, Google will take you to the search page related to Bangladesh Independence Day.
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