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Train will run on gravity!

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Gravity Train
Australian train mining company Fortesque Metal Group-FMG and UK battery maker Williams Advanced Engineering-WAE have jointly announced the construction of the train.

Elizabeth Janes, CEO of the manufacturer Fortesquur, told the media that the 'Infinity Train' would be the best train in the world. It would the strongest. Because this train does not need fuel like oil and coal to run. Even if electricity is needed, it is not taken from conventional energy.

Instead, the battery will be charged as soon as the train leaves. The journey of such a train may start by 2030. Named ‘Infinity Train’.

With a weight of 34,000 tons of iron ore at the top of the one-way sloping railway line, the train will move quickly to its destination under the force of gravity.

The WAE-produced batteries in the UK will be charged using mechanical kinetic energy on the way. The ‘Infinity Train’ will return to the mine on the way back with this charge.

The first mining railway was used in the year 1500 to transport ore, waste stones, and other goods from mines. Which at that time reduced the labor of the miners.

After 500 years, its development in the world of modern technology was the demand of the time. And the United Kingdom and Australia came forward to meet that demand.

This will be the first train in the world, which will not spread any pollution. This train will automatically charge when moving from one place to another and will never run out of power.
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