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Benefits of Green Peas

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Green Peas
Winter has already come with the cold wind. The market is also full of colorful winter vegetables. Peas are one of the most popular vegetables of this season. These peas are full of protein.

We supply protein to the body by eating fish and meat. But many people do not eat fish and meat every day. So you can try peas to make up for the lack of protein.

Peas have a magical role in filling the protein deficiency. Nutritionists recommend the regular use of peas in various dishes and salads. According to them, one piece of peas contains the same amount of protein as 2 pieces of fish or 3 pieces of meat.

Besides, Peas are rich in nutritious, low-cost, and high-protein foods.

Peas are rich in polyphenols. It can reduce the risk of cancer. Mexican researchers says that if a person eats 2 milligrams of polyphenols a day, the risk of stomach cancer is greatly reduced by eating the peas. One cup of peas contains at least 10 mg of polyphenols. So it is very effective in reducing the risk of stomach cancer.

Peas are rich in anti-oxidants. It can boost one's immunity system. As a result, this vegetable helps to keep away various diseases. It also contains various natural minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, etc., which nourish the body and help to keep the body healthy.

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of peas increase the body's resistance to disease. It also has a role in controlling high blood pressure.

Therefore, peas are one of the ingredients in the full protein diet of obese patients.

The antioxidants present in peas regulates blood circulation. Vitamin B and Folate B1, B3‚B6 present in peas reduce the level of homocysteine ​​from the body. As a result, the risk of heart attack is greatly reduced.

If you eat peas regularly, then your body will be healthy, at the same time one's hair and skin will become shiny and healthy. Peas contain some natural ingredients that are anti-aging in the skin. That keeps the skin taut.

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