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University student's gun attack in Russia, killed 8

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gun attack in Russia
At least eight people have been killed when a student attacked a university in western Siberia, Russia. Several others were injured in the incident.

The Moscow Times quoted Russian media and authorities as saying on Monday, September 20.

The video, posted on social media, shows students jumping through a window on the second floor of Perm State University in Perm. The city is located about 1300 kilometers east of Moscow. Russia's Investigative Committee says 8 people have been killed in a gun attack.

The state-run news agency quoted the Russian health ministry as saying more than 10 people had been injured when they fell out of a window or were shot. The ministry further said that 9 ambulances have been sent to the university. Meanwhile, the Russian Interior Ministry said the gunman was wounded and had been detained.

The Investigative Committee, a Russian agency investigating major crimes, said it had launched an investigation into a criminal murder following the attack.

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