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Reason behind premature hair graying

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There was a time when it was thought that hair grows only with age. But now there are many people who are having problems with hair loss. Now it is considered quite normal. There is no problem when one or two hairs are ripe, but it is a problem when all the hairs are ripe together. Then many people were forced to dye their hair. And using those dyes stuffed with chemicals can make the hair more damaged.

If this common problem of hair occurs at a very young age, then it is important for you to know the causes. It is easy to find a solution if you know the reason. Do not use chemical hair color to darken hair.

Let's find out the reason behind the Problems:

Hereditary can be one of the reasons for hair ripe at an early age. This can happen to you if family members have a history of hair ripe at an early age. In this case, there is no way to prevent this problem. All you can do is try to blacken your hair in a natural way.

Early greying of your hair can be caused by various diseases. Hair ripe can be due to constipation, anemia, and thyroid gland problems. People who have been suffering from diseases like hyperthyroidism for a long time can get their hair ripe at an early age. So if these diseases occur, they should be treated quickly.

If you spend most of the day in the sun, your hair can ripen at a young age, experts say. So if you want to stay in the sun, cover your hair as much as possible. Also, if you use cosmetics with excessive chemicals, your hair can get ripe at an early age.

Hair ripe can occur at an early age due to stress. Because when we are under stress, some changes start to take place inside the body. As a result, the level of vitamin B decreases. That is why hair starts to grow slowly. At the same time, its effect on the body also began to be felt.

There is a gland called melanocytes around the hair follicles. It produces melanin. Our hair is a combination of a type of protein called keratin. As hair grows, melanocytes inject melanin into the cortex.

Keratin, on the other hand, looks yellowish or gray without melanin. Therefore, if the production of melanin decreases, it may be the cause of hair loss.

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