Printed on Mon Jul 04 2022 2:38:16 AM

In Haiti coup attempt failed

Staff Correspondent
Haitian authorities say they have foiled an attempt to assassinate President Jovenel Moïse and overthrow the government.

At least 23 people have been arrested since the coup attempt was foiled, Justice Minister Rockefeller Vincent said.

Among them is a top judge and a police officer.

"I thank the security chief of the palace," said President Moïse. Their aim was to kill me. Their plan has been thwarted.

Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe said the conspirators planned to arrest President Moïse and appoint a caretaker president.

Leon Charles, director of the country's national police force, said officers seized documents, money and weapons. The documents found contained statements of high court judge. There were plans to make him an interim leader.

It is to be noted that this coup attempt was made in the context of the controversy over the term of the President.

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