Printed on Mon Oct 03 2022 10:14:32 PM

Heavy traffic jam on Dhaka-Aricha highway

Staff Correspondent
Heavy traffic jam
Public life is becoming miserable in the intense heat. Another misery on the Dhaka-Aricha highway this summer is the traffic jam. Passengers, drivers, and locals are complaining that the suffering has been going on for a long time.

It has been alleged that there has been severe traffic jam on the Dhaka-Aricha highway every day for almost a month now. The traffic jam has been created due to the development work that has been going on for several months on the road, said the driver and the locals. They also said that the suffering has increased several times as a result of this traffic jam during Ramadan.

The same situation has been seen in the Nabinagar and Dhamrai Dhukivita areas of the highway.

Abdur Rahim, a bus passenger told that the development work of the Roads and Highways Department on the Dhaka-Aricha Highway has been going on for several months. With that, the number of vehicles on the highway has increased. Bus drivers park their cars here and there to pick up and drop off passengers. As a result, traffic jam continue on the highway from morning till evening.

Although some traffic police are working to subside the traffic congestion on the highway, they are not able to bring it under control in any way. As a result, passengers and drivers are suffering. School-college teachers-students and factory workers are suffering more in this unbearable traffic jam. They are not able to reach their destination on time. In such a situation, they are talking about taking immediate steps to reduce traffic congestion.

On the other hand, the traffic police are claiming that work is being done to reduce traffic jam.
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