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Canada recorded country's highest temperature ever this week

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highest temperature ever this week in Canada
The village of Lytton in the Canadian province of British Columbia recorded the country's highest temperature ever this week. This time the residents of the village are facing another problem. Ninety percent of the area was engulfed in flames, said a Member of Parliament (MP).

The village of Lytton in Canada recorded the highest temperature in the country's history at 49.6 degrees Celsius this week, according to the BBC.

This is the highest temperature ever recorded in Canadian history. Temperatures in Canada did not cross 45 degrees Celsius earlier this week. Unusually hot, not just in Canada, but across North America.

The Canadian MP, Brad Weiss, said the blaze had caused extensive damage to the village of Liton and surrounding areas.

Noting that the fire had spread to all parts of the village, village mayor Jan Polderman said, "Good luck, I was able to get out with my life. There is not much left to burn in the village."

The mayor added that he had earlier told residents to leave the village. The fire spread to different parts of the village within 15 minutes of the start of the fire.

Earlier on Wednesday, about 250 residents of the village left. Many of them could not take anything with them. They are taking shelter in various shelters in the surrounding areas. Meanwhile, local firefighters are being sent to the affected areas to put out the fire.

In the last 5 days, 486 deaths have been recorded in the province of British Columbia. The average number of deaths in normal times is about 165 people. Local Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe blamed extreme weather for the increase in the death toll. He said the deaths were believed to be caused by heatstroke caused by rising temperatures.

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