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Hilsa fishing ban to end from midnight

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Hilsa fishing ban
In the Padma-Meghna of Chandpur along with 6 regions of the country, the 22-day of Hilsa protection campaign ended at midnight. Chandpur's 44 thousand 35 fishermen are preparing to fish after the ban.

This ban begins on October 4.

According to District Administration and Fisheries Division sources, the committee of Taskforce, conducted a day-night campaign in 70 kilometers of Padma-Meghna of Chandpur, protecting Mother Hilsa. Besides the Department of Fisheries, the district-Upazila administration, Coast Guard, Navy Police jointly conducted 278 operations and 95 mobile courts so far.

108 crore meters of the illegal net were detained in these operations. So far 218 fishermen have been sent to jail through mobile courts. The penalties and auction have been earned from 19 lakh taka.

In addition, a total of 1,124 kg of Hilsa were seized in the operation. District Fisheries Department has sued 108 cases so far.

District Fisheries Officer Golam Mehdi said, "All kinds of fishing including Hilsa, is kept closed for safe spawning of Hilsa in Padma-Meghna.

During this time, the collection, purchase-sale, stock, and transport of Hilsa were prohibited. Under this breeding of Hilsa, 44,035 fishermen of Chandpur have been given VGF rice.

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