Printed on Mon May 16 2022 8:28:06 AM

Houthi attack in Saudi Arabia, killed 2

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Houthi attack
Two were killed and at least six were injured after a Houthi projectile hit in Yemen's Jazan region. Turkish broadcaster TRT World quoted the Saudi Press Agency as saying.

According to reports, one of the dead was a Saudi national and the other a Yemeni. On the other hand, Saudi media reported that five Saudi nationals and one Bangladeshi were among the injured.

The Saudi-led coalition retaliated by launching an attack on the Iranian-backed Yemeni rebel Houthi group. They said there had been widespread attacks on military targets from where the Houthi attacked Jazan on Friday.

A statement from the Saudi Press Agency said the Houthi missile hit two shopping malls and damaged 12 vehicles. However, the names of the victims were not disclosed in the statement.

Meanwhile, another Houthi attack in the Najran area of ​​Saudi Arabia reportedly damaged several installations.

On Friday morning, the Saudi-led coalition attacked a Houthi military camp in the Yemeni capital, Sana'a. After that attack, Houthi rebels retaliated at the end of the day in Jazan and Najran areas.

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