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Winners of ICC Hall of Fame will be announced today

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ICC Hall of Fame
Two legendary cricketers from five different generations have been inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame. The ICC will give them this special honor before the final of the World Test Championship.

The names of the winners of the ICC Hall of Fame will be announced on Sunday. The show will be broadcast live on Facebook, YouTube and ICC social media channels at 7 pm. Alan Wilkins will be in the presentation.

The ICC's Hall of Fame Nomination Committee will select six cricketers from five generations. The Hall of Fame Voting Academy will then select 10 cricketers in an online poll. The voting academy includes the ICC Hall of Famer, representatives of the International Cricketers Association, eminent journalists and senior ICC officials.

10 cricketers of five different generations will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. These are the early cricket era (before 1918), the mid-world era (1918-1945), the post-world era era (1946-1970), the one-day era (1971-1995), and the modern cricket era (1996-2016).

The 10 legends who have made significant contributions to the history of Test cricket will be joined by 93 ICC Hall of Famers. As a result, the number of Hall of Famers will reach the century. If 10 new people are included, it will go to 103 people.

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