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Illegal Hawkers Markets in Gulistan is being demolished

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Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) is conducting an illegal eviction drive at Bangabandhu Avenue Hawkers Market in Gulistan.

The Dhaka South City Corporation launched an operation to evict illegal temporary shops at Hawkers Market in Gulistan around noon on Sunday, May 8. Dhaka South City Corporation Executive Magistrate is conducting the operation. Muniruzzaman.

Regarding the eviction campaign in the market, the City Corporation and the shop owners' association have said that the eviction campaign will be conducted in this Gulistan market and the shop owners have been informed repeatedly and informed. On the other hand, the shop owner or those who are running the shop say that they have not been informed before.

As soon as the eviction drive started at noon, the shops in front of the market were demolished by a special mechanical vehicle of the city corporation on the instructions of the executive magistrate. Later, the shops inside the market will also be demolished.

"We have repeatedly given notice to shop owners, asking them to vacate," said Rasel Sabrin, DSCC's chief property officer, about the City Corporation's crackdown on markets. They did not listen. In continuation of this, we are conducting eviction campaign today. We will build a multi-storey market here in Gulistan by evicting illegal shops.

Baljul Rahman, general secretary of the market, said, "Our demand was to build a good market here. The city corporation has listened to our demand." The eviction drive is going on today and then the construction work of the market will start. Everyone will be allotted a shop after being marketed here through lottery.

"The city corporation has repeatedly given us notices to evict this market. We have demanded that we be given time till the month of Ramadan, Eid," he said. They complied with our demand and started a campaign to evict the market after Eid.

On the other hand, many shop owners have complained that they came to know about the demolition of the market after Eid yesterday. Earlier, they did not know that the market would collapse. Some of us were able to remove the goods, but many could not remove all the goods.

Arifuzzaman, a shop owner, said: "We did not know the shop would be demolished. Yesterday, it was suddenly informed that the city corporation is breaking into the shop today.

Sabur Hossain, an owner of a shop called Farhan Sports in the Gulistan market, said, "My shop has been demolished but I have not received any notice." What will happen to those whose shop is broken now? Even though the people of the market committee knew, none of us knew that the market committee would take advantage of this. But we were the losers.


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