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309 illegal immigrants arrested in Malaysia

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illegal immigrants
The Immigration Department has arrested 309 illegal immigrants in a raid on a construction site in the Denkil area of ​​Selangor, Malaysia.

They were arrested in broad daylight on Sunday, June 20.

The operation, led by Seri Indira Khairul Dazaimi Daud, director of the Immigration Department, comprising 189 enforcement officers from the Immigration Department, General Movement Team (PGA), National Registration Department (JPN), Public Defense Force and Labor Department, searched 715 migrants.

Immigration police arrested 309 illegal immigrants.

The Immigration Department says the 20 to 52-year-old immigrants were arrested for various offenses under the Immigration Act of 1959/63 and the Immigration Regulation 1963.

Earlier on June 6, 156 illegal immigrants, including 62 Bangladeshis, were arrested from a construction site in the country's Cyber ​​Zaire. However, it is not yet known how many Bangladeshis are arrested in this operation.

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