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'World should give Taliban time'

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Imran Khan
Foreign powers should be encouraged instead of controlling Afghanistan. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan made the remarks in an interview with CNN at his private residence in Bani Gala, Islamabad, on Wednesday, September 16.

He said Afghanistan should be greatly motivated to protect women's rights and address the ongoing situation. At the moment, they will not be able to resolve the ongoing crisis without the help of the international community. The new cabinet has yet to be sworn in, even though a month has passed since the Taliban took over. At the same time, a terrible humanitarian crisis has been created in the country. The United Nations says about 4 million people are suffering from an emergency food crisis.

Imran Khan said that after 40 long years, there is an opportunity for peace to return in Afghanistan. The best way to stabilize a war-torn country is to engage with the Taliban. Encourage them on issues such as women's rights and the formation of an inclusive government. For this, the Taliban should be given time by the world's superpowers. They need help.

The Taliban took control of the country on August 15 after the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan. Then for the first time, the Prime Minister of Pakistan spoke in any international media.

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