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51st Anniversary of Independence, first armed resistance

Staff Correspondent
War of Independence, today is March 19. The 51st anniversary of the first armed resistance of the War of Independence.

On this day in 1971, the Bengali nation formed the first armed resistance against the Pakistani aggressors at Joydebpur in Gazipur.

A nationwide slogan was raised, "Take the path of Joydevpur, make Bangladesh independent."

Niyamat, Manu Khalifa, and Hurmat Ali were martyred by the Pak aggressors in that armed resistance.

However, even in the long 51 years of independence, the heroism of the four martyrs is much neglected.

The people of Gazipur demanded to observe the glorious day of the first armed resistance.

Brigadier Jahanzeb Abrar saw the mentality of the Bengali troopers of the East Bengal Regiment.

He later stepped up and incapacitate the Bengali soldiers of the second East Bengal Regiment at Joydebpur Rajbari.

Simultaneously he left Dhaka for Joydebpur with troops, arms, and ammo.

News of Jahanzeb Abrar's journey towards Joydebpur spread among the Mukti Sangram Parishad

Joydebpur, Chandna Chowrasta, and BIDC roads became crowded where bricks, trees, and carts were raised and 45 barricades were raised.

Led by Mukti Parishad, a large number of individuals began gathering at Joydebpur Baza with different native weapons including sticks, lances, firearms, bows, and arrows.

Around then Joydebpur's cantonment commander was Lt. Colonel Masood and Major KM Shafiullah were the co-commanders.

A three-member high command headed by the late Habib Ullah, a former member of parliament, and a nine-member action committee was formed by convening the present Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque MP to lead the agitated students.

The late Shamsul Haque, a prominent political leader (former minister and ambassador) of Gazipur, played a special role in resisting the Pak aggressors.

As soon as the Pak aggressors were present at the Joydebpur level crossing, the guns of the local brave heroes roared.

The late Kazi Azim Uddin Ahmed (Master) fired the first shots at the Pak aggressors.

Hurmat, Niyamat, Kanu Mia, and Manu Khalifa were martyred when the invading forces fired back. Many more were injured.

This sculpture still attracts the attention of people from far and wide.

Besides, the locals claim that no further steps have been taken to protect the memory and history of the legends.

They think that the government should take wide discussion and take initiative in this regard.
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