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Five Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir

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Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir
Five Indian soldiers have been killed in clashes during operations in Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir. One army officer and four other army personnel were killed in the clashes in Jammu and Kashmir's Pooch district on Monday.

This information has been reported by the Indian media NDTV.

According to NDTV, the Indian Army is still fighting with the local militants. Armed clashes erupted in a village near Dera Ki Gali in Surankot, Jammu, and Kashmir after the Indian Army launched an operation today.

On the other hand, more than 700 people have been sent to jail in a week-long mass arrest in Jammu and Kashmir. The arrests have been carried out in Kashmir for the past six days in response to attacks on civilians, especially scholars. Apart from the banned Jamaat-e-Islam, the detainees include OGW workers and people from South Kashmir.

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