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Indian variant identified in Bangladesh: IEDCR

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Indian variant
An Indian variant of the deadly coronavirus has been identified in the country. The Institute of Pathology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) reported the data on Saturday, May 08.

Meanwhile, India has reached the horrific milestone of 4,000 deaths in one day. At least 4,187 people died of coronavirus in the country last Friday, May 07. This is the highest death record in a single day so far.

Four patients have been found to have Indian corona in their bodies so far, the government agency said on Saturday, May 08.

A few days ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the Indian type of corona 'double mutant' has spread to at least 17 countries in the world. This time, IEDCR informed about the entry of highly contagious type in Bangladesh.

According to the WHO, the B1.617 type of corona was first identified in India. However, it has spread from India to the United Kingdom, the United States and Singapore.

The WHO says it is far more contagious than other types of corona. As a result, the transmission of the second wave is happening much faster in the country than the first wave.

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