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Indonesia volcano eruption death toll rises to 34

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Indonesia volcano eruption
At least 34 people have been killed and 17 others are missing after a volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Java.

Abdul Muhari, a spokesman for the country's disaster management department, told AFP.

"Disaster management personnel have evacuated about 3,700 people from the affected area," the official told AFP on Tuesday.

"Besides, our rescue operations are continuing in the area. Workers have so far recovered 34 bodies, 17 more people are still missing.

At least 13 villages were buried under a pile of ash from the eruption of Mount Semeru, the largest mountain in Java, on Saturday.

At least 57 people have been burnt in the lava caused by the eruption. Many of them were seriously injured.

Abdul Muhari said the workers were not able to bring the desired speed in the rescue operation due to the muddy roads created by the smoke and volcanic lava that was suffocated due to the eruption.

At present, the issue of whether there are any survivors of the volcanic debris and collapsed buildings is being given importance. Muhari also said that trained dogs are being used in this case.

The volcano Mount Semeru began to become active on Saturday, AFP reported.

Then on Sunday and Monday, the eruption continued. Mount Semeru erupted three lava eruptions on Tuesday afternoon.

Geographically, Indonesia is located in the Ring of Fire region of the Pacific Ocean.

Due to the migration of the continental plates in this region, the country is always at risk of earthquakes and volcanoes.

There are 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia.

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