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Indonesia's top militant leader killed in 'gunfight'

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Indonesia's top militant leader
Ali Kalora, a top leader of the Indonesian-based militant group MIT (East Indonesia Mujahideen), and another MIT leader, Zaka Ramzan alias Ikrima, were killed in a "gunfight" with law enforcement.

Reuters quoted a statement from the Indonesian police as saying.

A police statement said six militants, including MET leader Ali Kalora and Zaka Ramzan, had a gunfight with law enforcement members in a village on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Saturday afternoon. Ali and Ramzan were killed in the battle and the other four were able to escape.

Police raided MET's dormitory in the village. The statement said that an M16 rifle, two knives, a large number of explosives and firearms, and jihadi books were recovered from the hideout during the operation.

The country's law enforcement agency has blamed MIT for the brutal massacre in four villages on the island of Sulawesi in November last year. However, the militant group has never claimed responsibility for the massacre.

Santoso, the former leader of the East Indonesia Mujahideen or MET, was once known as the most wanted militant in the world's largest Muslim-majority country. He became the first Indonesian militant to become a member of the international militant group IS.

Terrorism and militancy experts in Indonesia say militancy in Indonesia has been severely damaged by the death of Ali Kalora. "I'm not sure if MIT will choose a new leader after the death of Ali Kalora," Ridwan Habib, a terrorism expert at the University of Indonesia, told Reuters.

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