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16 crore 1 lakh infected in world

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infected in world
The world is devastated by the pandemic coronavirus. The deadly coronavirus is becoming more and more dangerous. The death toll is rising every day, and millions of people are being affected. The new Indian strain of the pandemic virus has added to the panic in people's minds. Although the corona vaccine has been discovered, the panic has not yet subsided.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths in the world has exceeded 35 lakh 37 thousand and more than 16 crore 1 lakh people have been affected. This information has been obtained from the WorldoMeters which keeps the statistics of coronavirus till on Saturday,May 29.

Another 11,897 people have died in the world in the past one day, according to WorldoMiters, a website that tracks coronavirus infections and deaths. And 5 lakh 2 thousand 669 people have been infected in the last one day. With this, 35 lakh 37 thousand 81 people have died and 17 crore 1 lakh 19 thousand 645 people have been affected by the total corona in the world till now. Of these, 15 crore 20 lakh 96 thousand 531 people have returned home after recovering.

The United States, the world's most powerful country, has so far had the highest number of infections and deaths from corona. In the country at the top of the list, 3 crore 40 lakh 22 thousand 657 people have been infected with corona so far. 6 lakh 8 thousand 961 people have died.

India, which is the second most affected and the third deadliest country in the world, has so far infected 2 crore 77 lakh 19 thousand 431 people and has killed 3 lakh 22 thousand 384 people so far.

Brazil, which is the third most affected and the second deadliest country in the world, has so far infected 1,63,92,657 people with corona. 4 lakh 59 thousand 181 people have died.

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