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18 crore 15 lakh infected in world

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infected in world
Fatal coronavirus infections and deaths through worldwide are alarmingly high. In the last 24 hours, another 7,769 people have died in the world. At the same time, 3 lakh 70 thousand 707 people have been newly infected. And 3 lakh 9 thousand 315 people have become healthy.

The data was obtained from the statistics-based website WorldoMeters on Sunday, June 27.

Earlier on Saturday, June 26, the WorldoMeters reported that 8,500 people had died and 4 lakh 4 thousand 379 new patients had been identified as infected in 24 hours.

According to the WorldoMeters, 18 crore 15 lakh 46 thousand 268 people have been infected with this deadly virus in the world so far. Of these, 39 lakh 32 thousand 741 people have died. Already 16 crore 60 lakh 70 thousand 597 people have recovered.

The United States has so far topped the list of corona infections and deaths. The number of victims in the country so far is 3 crore 44 lakh 90 thousand 134 people. Of these, 6 lakh 19 thousand 343 people died. On the other hand, 2 crore 88 lakh 12 thousand 906 people have recovered.

India is in the second position in the list. The number of victims in the country so far is 3 crore 2 lakh 32 thousand 320. Of these, 3 lakh 95 thousand 780 people have died. 2 crore 92 lakh 43 thousand 335 people have recovered.

In Brazil, which is in the third position, the number of victims so far is 1 crore 83 lakh 86 thousand 894 people. Of these, 5 lakh 12 thousand 819 people died. Brazil has the second highest number of deaths after the United States. However, 1 crore 65 lakh 82 thousand 53 people have recovered in the country so far.

It is followed by France, Russia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Italy, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Iran, Poland, Mexico, Ukraine, Indonesia, Peru and South Africa.

Bangladesh's position in the list is now 30. The rate of infection in the country has been increasing at an alarming rate over the last few weeks. So far 8 lakh 83 thousand 138 people have been infected with corona in the country. Of these, 14,053 people died. 8 lakh 854 people have recovered from Corona.

The first coronavirus was detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The first patient in the country died of corona on January 9, 2020. On January 13 of that year, the first corona patient was identified outside of China in Thailand.

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