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22 crores 84 lakh infected in world

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infected in world
The whole world is still in turmoil with the coronavirus. In the meantime, various countries have relaxed the restrictions. Almost everything including tourism and educational institutions has been opened. In the last 24 hours, 8,487 people have died in this world. In the previous 24 hours, 9,170 people died in Corona worldwide. Corona has been newly identified 5 lakh, 63 thousand 887 people. At this time four lakh 71 thousand 781 people have recovered.

On Saturday, September 18, the website WorldoMeters, which has information about Corona, reported this information.

According to the WorldoMeters, 46 lakh 92 thousand 937 people have died in Corona so far in the world. And a total of 22 crores 84 lakh 21 thousand 913 people have been identified. Of these, 205,000,803 people have recovered.

The United States has suffered the most in Corona. Which still continues. Corona patients have been identified in the country so far 4 crores 27 lakh 99 thousand 907 people. Of these, 6 lakh 90 thousand 714 people died. And 3 crore 24 lakh 30 thousand 151 people have recovered.

India is in the second position on the list. Corona has so far identified 3 crores 34 lakh 15 thousand 889 people in the country. Of these, 4 lakh 44 thousand 563 people died. And 3 crore 26 lakh 24 thousand 718 people have recovered.

In the third-ranked Latin American country of Brazil, the number of identified people is 2 crore 11 lakh 2 thousand 536 people. Of these, 5 lakh 89 thousand 744 people have died. 2 crores 1 lakh 80 thousand 106 people have recovered.

Next on the list are the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Turkey, Iran, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and Italy.

Bangladesh ranks 28th on the list. A total of 15 lakh 40 thousand 110 corona patients have been identified in the country so far. Among them, 27 thousand 147 people died. And 14 lakh 97 thousand 9 people have recovered.

The first coronavirus was detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The virus first died in the country on January 9, 2020. Then on January 13 of that year, the first corona patient was identified outside of China in Thailand.

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