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24 crores 48 lakh infected in world

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infected in world
49 lakh 71 thousand people died of coronavirus worldwide. At the same time, more than 24 crores 48 lakh people have been identified as infected so far.

The information was gained from the coronavirus statistics website WorldoMeters.

It said 24 crores 48 lakh 57 thousand 589 people infected with the virus around world and 49 lakh 71 thousand 043 people have died.

Recovery from the deadly coronavirus so far is 221,983,326.

It further states that coronavirus is by far the most commonly detected and killed in the United States. 4 crores 64 lakh 17 thousand 525 people have been identified as infected in the country and 7 lakh 57 thousand 849 people have died.

India, which is the second most affected country in the world, has identified 3 crores 42 lakh, 02 thousand 202 people. In India, which is in the third place in terms of death, 4 lakh 55 thousand 100 people have died so far.

Brazil, the South American country second in terms of deaths and third in terms of infection, has identified 21,735,560 people and 605,884 people died.

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