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Infection exceed 16 crore 21 lakh

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In India, the lowest corona in more than three months has been detected in the last 24 hours. This information has given in the report of NDTV online on Tuesday 29 June.

In the last 24 hours, 37,566 corona have been identified in India. 907 people died.

With this latest information, the total number of identified patients infected with corona in India stands at 3 crore 3 lakh 16 thousand 897. The total number of people killed is 3 lakh 97 thousand 637.

In India, less than 5 percent of corona patients have been identified for 22 consecutive days. In the last 24 hours, the detection rate is 2.12 percent.

According to the standards of the World Health Organization, the rate of patient identification is an indicator of understanding whether a country's corona situation is under control. In any country, the situation is under control if the patient identification rate is below 5 percent for more than two consecutive weeks.

More than 32 crore doses of vaccine have been given in India so far. The second wave of corona has come to a standstill, but a third wave is expected in the country in a few weeks. A possible third wave in India could make Corona's new look 'Delta Plus' a nightmare.

In mid-March, the number of patients identified in India in one day was around 20,000. Then the infection jumps into the country. On May 07, a maximum of 4 lakh 14 thousand patients were identified in one day in India.

On April 04, the number of patients diagnosed with corona in India crossed the 20 million milestone. Three crore milestones without 23rd June. And last May 23 death in Corona crosses three lakh milestones.

India holds the record for identifying the highest number of corona patients in a single day in any country of the world. The record was held by the United States until April 22.

The United States has the highest number of corona in the world, according to WorldoMeters. India after the United States. Brazil after India. And in terms of death, India is after the United States and Brazil.

Several states in India imposed restrictions a few months ago when the second wave of corona hit. Now that the infection is declining, various states are cautiously relaxing restrictions. At the same time, the states are preparing for a possible third wave of corona.

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