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Infection exceed 16 crore 48 lakh

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The severity of the global pandemic Covid-19 is growing. So far, more than Infection people have been identified as infected with corona worldwide. More than 34 lakh 18 thousand lives have been lost.

In the last 24 hours, 14,279 people have died from the virus worldwide. At the same time, 6 lakh 20 thousand 867 new corona patients have been identified.

The data came from the international statistics-based website WorldoMeters on Wednesday, May 19.

According to the WorldoMeters, coronavirus infections have been detected in a total of 16 crore 48 lakh 86 thousand 821 people in the world so far. Of these, 34 lakh 18 thousand 430 people died. And so far a total of 14 crore 38 lakh 11 thousand 583 people have recovered from Corona.

The United States tops the list of countries affected by the Corona in the world. So far, 3 crore 37 lakh 74 thousand 945 people have been identified as infected with coronavirus in the country. 6 lakh 1 thousand 330 people have died. And 2 crore 72 lakh 53 thousand 327 people have recovered.

Then there is India. The number of daily infections in the country has been the highest in the world for quite some time. Corona infection has been detected in 2 crore 54 lakh 95 thousand 144 people in the country so far. 2 lakh 83 thousand 276 people have died. And 2 crore 19 lakh 79 thousand 703 people have recovered.

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