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Infection exceeded 10 crore 91 lakh

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Infection exceeded
The number of people infected and dying from the coronavirus epidemic that is spreading around the world is increasing day by day. The number of people infected with the epidemic virus has already exceeded 10 crore 91 lakh. And more than 8 crore 11 lakh people have been freed from the grip of this epidemic. However, 24 lakh people have died. This information was received from the international survey organization WorldoMeters around 11:30 on Sunday, February 14.

According to the organization's website, the global pandemic coronavirus has infected 218 countries and regions around the world. The virus has so far infected 10 crore 91 lakh 6 thousand 464 people around the world. Of these, 24 lakh 5 thousand 463 people have died. 8 crore 11 lakh 30 thousand 802 people have already recovered.

The United States has the highest number of victims and deaths so far, according to WorldoMeters. The total number of victims in the country is two crore 81 lakh 96 thousand 964 people. Four lakh 96 thousand 64 people have died.

India, a South Asian country, is in second place. The total number of victims in the country is one crore 9 lakh 4 thousand 940 people. Of these, one lakh 55 thousand 673 people have died. Brazil is in the third place.

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