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'Invested money will not come back, unless film will release in cinema hall'

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The country's film industry has suffered huge losses in the last 15 months due to the Corona pandemic. More than 25 big budget film are waiting to be released after shooting. Many of these film have been completed, and a few are under construction.

Overall, about 100 crore taka has been invested in these films. The list of big budget film includes: 'Mission Extreme', 'Bidrohi', 'Antaratma', 'Operation Sundarbans', 'Adventure Sundarbans', 'Shaan', 'Bikkhov', 'Jin', 'Hawa', 'Paap Punno', 'Poran ',' Dhamaal',' Casino ','Ustaad', 'Mukhosh ','chokh' and 'Leader, Ami Bangladesh'.

There is no possibility of the cinema hall returning to normal situation soon. Possibility of these big-budget movies to be released on the OTT (Over the Top) platform are very low.

Director Anonno Mamun said, "The money invested in these films will not come back unless they are released. As a result, the producers are facing hard time. On the other hand, they are  afraid to invest in new film. New producers are not coming for these reasons."

According to him, 'If the producer does not survive, the film will not survive. We need to think about how to release the film.'

Actor Siam Ahmed said, "Films that I acted will be released on cinema hall. These film will not be released on the OTT platform as far as I know."

He added, "The director-producers have suffered a lot because the film could not be released."

Concerned people say that 110 cinema halls were opened across the country last Eid in compliance with the health rules. However, local administrations in different districts closed several cinema halls. As a result, the film industry is in extreme crisis.

Sudip Kumar Das, chief adviser to the Film distributors Association, said, 'Only one film was released last Eid. The cinema hall was closed after the release. However, the cinema hall was not supposed to be closed under the government's direction.'

‘I met the authorities before Eid and made a written request not to close the cinema hall. They maintained the order to open the cinema hall. I still don't know why the cinema halls had to be closed, "he added.

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