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'Iran's election was not fair and fair'

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Iran's election
The United States has said Iran's recently concluded presidential election was not fair and neutral. A State Department spokesman said the people of the country did not have a chance to choose a real leader in this election.

A spokesman for the US State Department said on Saturday that the election had not been fair and impartial. A large number of Iranians have boycotted the election. If the election means choosing a real leader, then we would say that a significant number of people in Iran did not vote (in the election), so there is no way to call it a success."

Voting for Iran's presidential election ended last Friday. Newly elected President Ebrahim Raisi received more than 62 percent of the vote.

According to BBC News, citing the country's state-run television channel, the total number of voters in Iran is currently 59 million. Only half of them voted, about three crore voters.

About 600 people applied to run in Iran's current presidential election, 40 of whom were women; But the Guardian Council, an influential group in the country's ruling hardline government, rejected the candidacy of all except seven, including Raisi. Three of the seven candidates withdrew their candidacies before the election.

Accordingly, the candidates contesting this year's presidential election are Ebrahim Raisi, Abdul Nasser Hemati, Mohsin Rezai and Amir Hossain Ghaziaddeh Hashemi.

Ibrahim Raisi, 60, was Iran's chief justice before running in the election. As such, he has been known as an influential figure in the country's ruling government since before the election. Raisi is also known as a special confidant of Iran's top spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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