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Is taking milk tea in early morning good for your health?

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Is taking milk tea
If you don't have a cup of tea at the beginning of the day, the day will be incomplete for many. The need for it is even greater in winter. Because any drink that is hot in winter is more delicious.

At this time it takes a lot to drink heavy milk tea. If cardamom-cinnamon is added to it, then it makes more ecstasy.

You may like to drink a cup of milk tea every morning. But do you know what happens when you drink milk tea on an empty stomach in the morning? Let's find out-

A study conducted by the Tea Research Association of India found that when milk is mixed with tea, the proteins in the milk attach to the tea compounds, leading to weight loss.

If you drink milk tea on an empty stomach in the morning, your metabolism may stop working properly.

Drinking this tea on an empty stomach can also cause gastric problems and increase the risk of ulcers.

Experts say that the habit of drinking excessive tea is not good. Tea leaves contain a compound called tannin. It is highly acidic. These tannins can damage our abdominal tissues on an empty stomach.

This can lead to abdominal pain. It can cause nausea or vomiting. Problems like flatulence can also occur.

So no matter how much you like to drink milk tea, it is better not to make it a habit to eat every day.

To make winter morning more comfortable, it is natural for you to have a cup of milk tea. But various studies have shown that this drink can cause problems like anxiety. This may be due to increased heart rate, sudden convulsions or feelings of restlessness.

Currently, one of the most serious risks is diabetes. Our lifestyle, heredity, etc. may be the cause of this disease. There are even foods that can cause diabetes. If you drink regular milk tea, the risk of type 2 diabetes may increase.

Each cup of milk contains about 48 mg of caffeine. So if you drink a cup of milk tea every morning, it can make hamper of your sleepiness. This caffeine enters the blood within fifteen minutes of drinking milk tea.

According to experts, milk tea should not be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning or before going to bed at night.

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