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Islamic State group claim killing of Afghan journalist Hamid

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Islamic State group
The militant group Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for the killing of Afghan journalist Hamid Seghani.

The news agency AFP reported this information.

IS claimed responsibility for the killings on Sunday. Hamid was killed in a bomb blast in the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Saturday.

The Afghan branch of IS has issued a statement on the Telegram channel about the attack. In the statement, IS claimed that a minibus was bombed in the Dasht-e-Barchi suburb of Kabul on Saturday. Journalist Hamid was killed in the attack.

IS claims that 20 Shia were killed in the attack. One of them is a journalist.

The Dasht-e-Barchi area is inhabited by the Shia Hazara community. The Shia Hazara community in Afghanistan has been the target of IS attacks for years.

Hamid was a well-known journalist in Afghanistan. He was working for the Ariana News Television Network.

On August 15, the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. IS has carried out multiple bloody attacks in the country since the Taliban seized power. Most of the attacks took place in the country's Nangarhar province.The province is known as the base of IS.

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