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IU student accused of propaganda as 'suicide' after murder

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IU student
There have been allegations of propaganda for the suicide of an Islamic University (IU) student. The family recovered the hanging body of the student from her bedroom at midnight on Thursday, October 1.

The deceased was identified as Ulfat Ara Tinni. His home is in Sheikhpara village of Shailkupa upazila adjacent to the campus. She is the daughter of the late freedom fighter Yusuf Ali of the village. She is a student of the Accounting Department of Ulfat Islamic University in the 2012-13 academic year.

The family says the student's older sister's ex-husband attacked the house twice and tortured her to death. The body was then hung with a fan to promote 'suicide'.

Helal Uddin, uncle of the deceased, said Tinni's elder sister Minni was married to Jamirul Islam, a businessman from Sheikhpara Bazar, son of Nuruddin of the same village. They have been separated for almost a year due to unrest in the family. Shortly after the divorce, Jamirul wanted to take his wife home again. But Minni did not agree. For this reason, Jamirul Islam was torturing the family. The family was left helpless as there were no male members in the house.

Uncle Helal Uddin said about the incident on Thursday night, Jamirul Islam went to the house of Tinni with several people around 10 pm on Thursday and vandalized it. At one point they go back. About two hours later, the Jamiruls again went to the house and entered Tinni's house on the second floor. Other members of the family did not understand the matter at first. They found him alone and tortured him. They raped and killed Tinni. Leave the body hanging with the ceiling fan of the house to run the murder as suicide. But his legs were attached to the bed.

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Helal Uddin claims that no one will die if he hangs like this. He was hanged after the murder.

Minni, the elder sister, said that Jamirul Islam and his men got up on the second floor and did something bad to Tinni. They found Tinni hanging with a ceiling fan and rushed her to Kushtia Medical College Hospital. Doctors there said he had died before being brought in.

He alleges his sister was killed in a premeditated manner.

Tinni’s mother Halima Begum said, ‘My daughter is very talented. BCS was getting ready for the exam. On the evening of the incident, Jamirul Islam threatened him on his way home from Kushtia after the wedding of a girlfriend. He said he would hurt her.

He claimed that Tinni was killed after being brutally tortured.

They are three sisters. His father Yusuf Ali was an army member and a heroic freedom fighter. He died a few years ago. Tinni's elder sister Ankhi is married. My sister Minni was married in the village. He is currently living in his father's house as he has no family. And younger sister Tinni was studying. The hope was to become a senior government official with BCS.

Kushtia General Hospital doctor Rumon Rahman conducted the autopsy. He said in the evening, initially it seemed like suicide. However, some signs have been found. They have been collected. After examination, it will be known whether there are any more incidents. If you get that report, you will be able to give details.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Ariful Islam of Shailkupa Circle said that Tinni's death is still a mystery. The problem that was going on in his family was not told to the police before, if he had known, such an incident might not have happened.

He said the incident on Thursday night was not reported to the police at first, but they went there after receiving the news. Now it is being investigated. After a medical examination, the matter can be confirmed as to how he died.

He added that signs of the incident have been collected. Strict action will be taken against anyone involved in the incident.

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