Printed on Sat Oct 01 2022 7:28:56 AM

'I love my country's flag and my team very much'

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Jamal Bhuiyan
Bangladesh football team is being criticized after losing 0-2 against India. Team captain Jamal Bhuiyan is aside with the head coach Jamie Day. Rumors have been circulating about Jamal is going to lose his captaincy.

Bangladeshs will fight against Oman on June 15. Jamal will not play in that match due to the ban. Earlier, the Bangladesh captain expressed his frustration over the loss in the match against India, saying, "I love my country's flag and my team very much."

"We are all disappointed that we couldn’t get the result and the performance we wanted. We can all point fingers at what we should have done better, that is normal when you’re frustrated and disappointed specially when they scored a goal out of nowhere in the 79th minute,"  jamal expressed.

"Jamal added, ‘We have to move on and work even harder, nothing in life comes easy. I love our flag and our team more than words can describe it, it’s indescribable. Our time will come with hard work Inshalla," Jamal added.

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