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Jharkhand ropeway accident: 2 dead, 48 stuck

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Jharkhand ropeway accident
A major accident took place in Jharkhand's highest ropeway on Sunday evening. Two people died and 8 people were injured when the trolleys of Trikoot Ropeway collided with each other.

In this accident, about 48 people are still trapped in the ropeway. NDRF team is running rescue operation to rescue people.

Actually, many trolleys of ropeway operated in Trikut mountain have collided with each other. 6 people have been injured in this accident. These include women and small children.

Hundreds of tourists had arrived here for Ramnavami to worship and roam. People sitting on the ropeway, 48 people are still trapped in 18 trolleys after the accident, which the NDRF team is trying to unload. The incident has been confirmed by SP Subhash Chandra Jat and DC Manjunath Bhaijantri.

The same tourist told that when his trolley was going up, at the same time the other trolley was coming down and the accident happened when both the trolleys came in contact with each other. District Collector Manjunath Bhaijantri said that at present the ropeway is closed.

The accident has happened due to the display of the trolley, the injured persons have been sent to the hospital. NDRF team has been deployed to rescue the persons trapped in the trolley.
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