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Man in Joker costume with knife injures 17 people in Japan

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Joker costume with knife
At least 17 people have been injured in a knife attack on a subway train in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. The attack took place on Sunday evening. This information has been informed in the BBC report quoting the local media.

Police have arrested a 24-year-old man dressed as Batman Comics' Joker.

The injured were all going to a Halloween party in Tokyo.

Witnesses said the 24-year-old man dressed as a Joker boarded the train. Many people decorate different kinds of Halloween. As a result, at first, no one suspected the young man. He played a character in the popular Batman comics. Wearing a green shirt, blue pants, and purple coat. His face was painted. Witnesses said the young man sprayed something liquid in the train carriage. Later it caught fire. The passengers were disturbed by the sudden incident. Many people tried to escape to the next room on the moving train. Many try to open the window. The whole room was filled with smoke. He took the opportunity to attack the man with a knife.

"I thought it might be a Halloween stunt. I saw a man walking with a big knife," an eyewitness told.

Police intervened after the train reached the next station. The youth was later arrested. The administration has not yet identified the attacker. It is not yet clear why he attacked ordinary passengers in this way. However, according to Japanese media, the young man told the administration that his intention was to kill ordinary people and get caught by the administration. He wants to be sentenced to death.

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