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Bangladeshi journalist missing in Libya

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journalist missing in Libya
Bangladeshi journalist Zahidur Rahman, 48, who went to Libya from Dhaka, and his Bangladeshi engineer Saiful Islam, who was with him in Libya, have been missing for five days. Their Libyan driver, Mohammad Khaled, has also been missing since then.

Zahidur Rahman, a resident of Savar area of ​​Dhaka, is a special correspondent of NTV. Zahidur's family says they learned that they had been abducted in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. However, the family of Saiful Islam, an engineer based in Libya, thinks that since the militias have less control in Tripoli, they could be captured by any government force.

Zahidur's wife Taslima Rahman told that Zahidur left for Libya on March 21. His last conversation with us was on March 23 at noon.

Since then his phone has been found turned off. We didn't understand at first. After 24 hours, many people tell us that they are not able to communicate with him online or over the phone. Then I got worried. After that, we have informed the Minister of State Enamur Rahman about the matter.

He contacted the Ministry of Home Affairs and asked them to inquire from the Bangladesh Embassy in Libya. Then the embassy was contacted by the home ministry. From there it was informed journalist  Zahidur was abducted. He did not return to the Corinthians hotel where he was staying.

She added that Zahid flew to London on March 3 on a Turkish Airlines flight on a family visa. From they traveled to Ireland, Scotland and reached Libya on 21 March. The next day, March 22, Zahidur posted a status from Tripoli on his social media handle, saying that entering the civil war-torn country was a challenge. Before going to London, he collected visas from Dhaka under special arrangements.

However, multiple reports of Zahidur Rahman from London have been aired on NTV.

Maj. Gen. SM Shamim Uz Zaman, Bangladesh's ambassador to Libya, said: "At first We thought that a government agency could arrest him. Now it seems that any militia group can take him away. We're not sure yet. However, we now know where they were taken from on March 23.

In Tripoli, journalist Zahidur Rahman was taking pictures in various places. It is forbidden to take pictures here. This is could be the reason. We are very concerned about that."
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