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Justin Trudeau survived vote of no confidence

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Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada's minority government, has won vote of no confidence. By winning the vote, he has been able to avoid a possible early election this summer.

In the House of Commons, 211 people voted in favor of the proposed budget and 121 voted against. Under the proposed budget last April, a mega plan was adopted at a cost of 101.4 billion canadian dollar for more than three years.

Canada's conservative opposition has voted against Trudeau. However, with the support of the other three smaller blocs in the lower house, Trudeau easily won the vote of no confidence.

The budget for 2021-2022, which started on April 1, must now be approved by the Senate. The budget is expected to be formally approved on Friday, the start of the summer holidays.

Trudeau's popularity in Canada is expected to increase further after overcoming this obstacle and accelerating the development of the Covid-19 vaccine in Canada. But not just Canada, Trudeau's popularity is worldwide.

Trudeau could call early elections later this summer in an effort to regain a majority in parliament. Trudeau's Liberal Party failed to win a majority in Canada's general election in October 2019.

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