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At least 14 killed in Karachi blast

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Karachi blast
At least 14 people were killed and 12 others injured in Pakistan's financial capital of Karachi on Saturday when a powerful blast, apparently triggered by a gas explosion in a covered sewage channel, ripped through the building of a private bank situated on it, police said.

A Shershah police official said an explosion had taken place in the sewer below a private bank building. Notice was given to vacate the building to clear the sewers. But before the building was evacuated, an explosion occurred.

According to Geo TV quoting the police, an explosion took place in a gas pipeline running along the drain in the Sher Shah area. The blast severely damaged a private bank building next to the canal.

The injured were rushed to Sher Shah Civic Hospital. Doctors at the hospital said the condition of four of the injured were critical.

Karachi police official Zafar Ali Shah said there was a petrol pump next to the bank building. This pump was damaged in the explosion. He initially thought the gas had exploded in the sewer below the building.

A bomb disposal squad has been deployed to search the blast site, the police official said. The cause of the explosion could be ascertained if a report is submitted at the end of the squad's investigation.

Earlier, a Sindh Rangers statement said officials had cordoned off the area after reaching the site of the blast.

Video footage of the blast, which was spread on social media, showed that a building had been damaged by the blast. Vehicles damaged in the blast were also seen there. It is feared that some people were trapped under the damaged building.

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