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Guard of Kashimpur Central Jail-1 arrested with 328 yaba pills

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Kashimpur Central Jail
A prison guard was detained at the main gate of Gazipur's Kashimpur Central Jail along with 187 pieces of yaba. Karafat was arrested while entering the jail with yaba around 9:30 pm on Thursday.

The detainee was identified as Shahinul Islam, 28. He is the son of Abdul Jalil of Badhanagar area of ​​Dhamrai police station in Dhaka. Shahinul is working as a prison guard in Kashimpur Central Jail-2.

According to jail authorities and police sources, prison guard Shahinul Islam was entering the main gate of Kashimpur Jail in Gazipur around 9:30 pm on Thursday. If he was suspected at the time, the guards at the main gate of the jail searched him. At one stage, 187 yaba pills were seized from his underwear. When the jail authorities informed the police station, the police went to the spot around 10:30 pm and arrested the jail guard Shahinul Islam. Earlier, several jail guards were arrested while entering with drugs.

Gazipur Metropolitan Police Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Al Momin of Konabari Police Station said a drug case was being processed at Konabari Police Station.

Earlier, on the night of April 29, a prison guard named Pintu Mia (28) was arrested while entering Kashimpur Central Jail-1 in Gazipur with 328 yaba pills. Pintu was on duty as a prison guard at Kashimpur Central Jail-1.

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