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56 people killed by lightning in one week

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killed by lightning
Lightning usually occurs in the country from February to November. However, if Nor'westers is active, the lightning increases. Lightning is falling every day in different parts of the country this month. It is also killing people regularly.

In the first week of June, 56 people were killed in lightning strikes across the country. Among them - 9 died on June 07, 25 people on June 06, 7 people on June 05 , 9 people on June 04, 5 people on June 03 and 1 people on June 01.

Meteorologists say the amount of lightning in the country has increased due to climate change. However, it is possible to reduce the number of deaths if you are aware of lightning.

Meteorologist Majidul Islam told, "Generally thunderstorms can occur whenever there are clouds from February to November. As long as Nor'wester is active, it is a suitable environment for lightning.

However, there is no thunderstorm in winter, because than clouds are not formed. And when the monsoon winds come in June, the lightning decreases. The clouds that are needed for thunderstorms. If they remain, strike can occur at any time."

Another meteorologist told, "There is a lot of lightning. But we see less. We see massive thunderstorms. Or see what touches the ground from the clouds. There are countless lightning strikes, which are unthinkable."

The meteorologist also thinks that the amount of lightning has also increased due to climate change.

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