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13 instructions for collecting paddy from farmers through 'Krishaker App'

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Krishaker App
In the coming boro season, the government will buy paddy from farmers through app in 256 selected Upazilas across the country. For this, the Food Department has recently sent letters with 13 instructions to the regional food regulators of Dhaka, Khulna, Rangpur, Chattogram, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Barisal, and Sylhet.

It is said that the application for registration of farmers and sale of paddy has started on March 27 through 'Krishaker App'.

There is a need to run a massive campaign locally to inform farmers about registration and application for the sale of paddy and registration deadlines through the 'Krishaker App'. For this, 13 instructions have been given for implementation in the field.

The instructions are:

In selected Upazilas, paddy procurement activities have to be carried out through the 'Krishaker App'.

According to the training schedule, all the concerned UNO / Upazila Agriculture Officers and the concerned field nominated officers/employees of the Food Department should ensure participation in the virtual workshop through zoom.

All concerned including UNO / Upazila Agriculture Officer should be informed about the use of the app by downloading the video tutorial from the 'Guide Line-Krishaker App' from the 'Photo and Video Box' attached at the bottom of the Food Department website.

From the box mentioned on the website, it is necessary to download the leaflet and audio prepared for the paddy collection activities through the 'Krishaker App' and spread it in all the unions of the concerned Upazila.

Posters (leaflets) prepared from the boxes mentioned on the website should be affixed at various important connecting places of the Upazila, Bazar, opposite the main gates of mosques, and in visible places.

Prepared leaflets should be distributed in public places such as mosques, local markets, tea shops on market days.

The prepared leaflets should be delivered to the union chairman, members, and local dignitaries.

The Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer has to attend the yard meeting and distribute the prepared leaflets.

Through the 'Krishaker App', audio miking created for paddy collection activities should be disseminated in public places.

Necessary steps have to be taken to publish the prepared leaflet in the district / Upazila web portal.

Posters/leaflets should be published on social media.

The concerned union chairman, members, women members, UDC entrepreneurs should be informed through a meeting with the local administration.
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