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LinkedIn is shutting down in China

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LinkedIn in China
US software giant Microsoft has announced that it will shut down LinkedIn in China.

Microsoft said in a statement that it was finding it difficult to operate LinkedIn in line with the country's policies.

According to a BBC report, after the closure of LinkedIn, Microsoft will launch a 'jobs only' version of the job called 'Injobs'. The service will be launched later this year.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has said that the job-related site called 'Injobs' will not have any social feed. As a result, users will not be able to post or share.

LinkedIn recently blocked the profiles of some journalists from its China-based website. After this incident, LinkedIn is being shut down in China.

Mohak Shroff, senior vice president of LinkedIn, said it was difficult to keep up with China's policies. For this, I had to go through various complications.

By the way, LinkedIn is the largest community platform for professionals in the world. More than 50 crore people around the world use it.

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