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Which team will sign with Lionel Messi?

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Lionel Messi
Where next for Messi? Despite his desire, Lionel Messi did not sign a new contract with Barcelona. Now the million dollar question is: where will be the new address of the Argentine forward?

Eventually the long-standing relationship was severed. Lionel Messi, the best footballer in the history of the club, is no longer in Barcelona.

Despite the desire, the Argentine forward did not sign a new contract with the Catalan club due to La Liga's salary policy. Despite the Barca-Messi deal, it was not possible to renew the deal due to financial and structural constraints of La Liga.

In a statement on Thursday, Barcelona authorities said: "Although there is a full agreement between Barcelona and Messi on a new contract, it has not seen the light of day due to economic and structural hurdles (the pay law imposed by La Liga).

The question that comes to mind first after such news is; What is the new address of Messi? The names of four clubs may come up in answer to this question. The four clubs are Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Inter Milan and Inter Miami. Such news was given by the Argentine media TYC Sports.

Ever since Messi announced his departure from Barcelona in August last year, Man City have been in the running to sign him. At that time, it was reported in the English media that the English club wanted to sign Messi for 600 million Euros.

A few months later, the name of Man City has been heard loudly. This time the amount of money is less. According to English media reports in February, Man City want to sign a five-year deal with Messi. The club is ready to spend 430 million euros for this.

Pep Guardiola is the coach of Man City. Who was the coach of Barcelona's golden age. The Catalan club reigned supreme in Messi-Guardiola chemistry at that time.

The understanding between Messi and Guardiola is great in the long run. If you can take Messi in the team, who can be happier than Guardiola!

Although there may be obstacles in this way. Being a petrodollar-rich club, they have to think about other aspects of Man City's finances. The team is trying to get Jack Grillish from Aston Villa before the start of the new season. They may have to spend 100 million to sign the English winger.

Last year, the news of Messi's departure from Barca made the PSG ready with a sack of money. The name of this French club was also being pronounced loudly. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Messi's Argentine teammates Anhel de Maria, Leandro Pardes and Mauro Icardi played in the PSG. In addition, there is a friend Neymar, who dreams of playing with Messi again.

The name of Italian giant Inter Milan was also heard in the race to get Messi in the team. It was reported at the time that Suning Messi, a Chinese electric goods manufacturer with a 70 per cent stake in Inter Milan, was looking for a sponsor to buy. However, the club's vice-president Javier Janetti dismissed the rumors.

Inter Miami, a team in the US Major Soccer League, has expressed interest in signing Messi in June this year. Messi spoke to the club's owner, England's legendary footballer David Heckham. "I'm optimistic Messi will play for Inter Miami," Beckham told the Argentine forward. Since Messi's home is in Florida, many people have mixed four in two.

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