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92 institutions of local government vote today

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By-elections for general and various posts in 92 local government bodies including district councils, upazila councils, municipalities and union councils will be held on Thursday, December 10.

The Election Commission (EC) has said that general elections will be held in five municipalities and three Union Parishads (UPs) and by-elections in two municipalities, 68 UPs, four district councils and 10 upazilas will be held today.

The EC has made all preparations for voting in these local government institutions. Meanwhile, election materials have reached the polling stations. Voting in the Central District Council will be from 9 am to 2 pm, voting in the Municipality will be from 8 am to 4 pm and voting in the Upazila and Union Parishad will be from 9 am to 5 pm.

Meanwhile, the EC has postponed the general elections in Barathali UP of Rangamati's Bilachhari upazila as it was not possible to send election materials, polling officials and law enforcers to the polling stations.

Besides, the Election Commission has also postponed the elections of the newly formed South Ulania and North Ulania Union Parishads of Mehendiganj Upazila of Barisal. The election was postponed as per the decision of the Election Commissioners yesterday, the Election Management Branch said.

The EC said general elections would be held in five municipalities. They are Faridpur Municipality of Faridpur, Madhukhali Municipality, Rajoir Municipality of Madaripur, Bancharampur Municipality of Brahmanbaria and Palashbari Municipality of Gaibandha. He has been elected unopposed as there is a single candidate for the post of mayor in Bancharampur.

Besides, in the remaining four municipalities, there are 19 mayoral candidates, 374 candidates for councilors and 107 candidates for reserved councilors. Besides, by-elections will be held in General Ward No. 6 of Muksudpur Municipality of Gopalganj and General Ward No. 1 of Khetlal Municipality of Joypurhat. There are five candidates in these two wards.

Bogra's Sherpur Upazila has a female vice chairman, Naogaon's Raninagar has a chairman, Pabna's Bera and Ishwardi has a chairman, Satkhira's Debhata has a chairman and Sadar's has a female vice-chairman and Rajbari's Begumganj has a chairman and Comilla has a chairman.

General elections in three UPs: Voting will be held today in Dantbhanga, Bandaber and Char Shaulmari of Roumari upazila of Kurigram. Besides, by-elections will be held in 68 UP posts, the EC said.

Vote in four district councils: Feni district council chairman, Chuadanga ward number 8 member post; Ward No. 2 in Chapainawabganj and Ward No. 10 in Tangail by-election today.

The senior secretary of the EC. Alamgir told, "The EC has made adequate preparations for the general and by-elections in various places. We have taken more security measures in the places where these elections are at risk. In addition, we are prepared to avoid any kind of unforeseen events.''

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