Printed on Thu Jun 30 2022 5:25:54 PM

Lockdown extended: gazette notification issued

Staff Correspondent
Lockdown extended
A notification has been issued to extend the ongoing lockdown in the country by one more week to prevent the transmission of novel coronavirus.

Notification issued by the Ministry of Public Administration on Tuesday, April 20 in the afternoon said, "Considering the current situation of coronavirus infection (Covid-19), the deadline for imposing all previous restrictions, including the continuation of international special flight operations and banking activities, has been extended from midnight on April 21 to midnight on April 28.It was requested to take necessary steps in this regard."

Earlier on Monday, Public Administration Minister Farhad Hossain announced his decision to extend the lockdown .

The National Technical Committee on Corona met on Sunday and recommended extending the ongoing ban by one more week. In this regard, a virtual inter-ministerial meeting was held. There was a policy decision to increase the strict restrictions from 22 April to 28 April.

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