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Madrasa student's body found at Chattogram

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Madrasa student's body
Police have recovered the body of a student named Arman Hossain (10) from a madrasa in Chattogram.

The body of the student was recovered from Ali Bin Abu Talib Madrasa in Muradpur Peelkhana area of ​​Panchlaish on Tuesday, March 8 at 9:30 am.

Arman is the son of Abbas Uddin of the Mirzapul area of ​​Panchlaish.

Panchlaish police inspector (investigation) Sadiqur Rahman told that the boy's body was recovered from the madrasa premises after receiving the news at 9:30 am.

His arms and legs were broken. CCTV footage showed the boy climbing the stairs in the morning.

He further added that it is being speculated that he may have died after falling from the roof of the madrasa. The body was recovered and sent for autopsy.

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